Mastering Sauces by Susan Volland


The definitive cookbook on contemporary sauces that highlights fresh flavors and updated classics.

Finally, a cookbook on sauces that is fresh, vibrant, and alive. Mastering Sauces veers away from traditional lesson plans and presents sauce-making in a whole new way. It focuses on how great cooks all over the world make sauces with impromptu élan—they splash and drizzle, slather and douse. Great sauces are made by following three fundamental principles: Maximize Flavor, Manipulate Texture, and Season Confidently. Armed with these principles, you can make any sauce your way.

In a conversational and very readable style, Mastering Sauces teaches the “whys” and “hows” of sauce-making so cooks can better understand their ingredients to create the dish they want.

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Early reviews listed below.

Featured Press & Reviews

Mastering Sauces is a fantastic resource for the home cook. This cookbook is both an accessible guide to the fundamentals of sauce-making and an extensive collection of recipes for adding exciting flavors to any dish.”
Eric Ripert, chef and co-owner, Le Bernadin, New York

“This book should be added to the list of necessary equipment for making sauces, right after the whisk and double boiler.”
Publishers Weekly

“Susan Volland’s Mastering Sauces is a tremendous resource with a profound understanding of the home cook. Her encyclopedic knowledge and instinct for simple instruction makes it a bookshelf staple.”
Wylie Dufresne, chef, Alder, New York

“Susan’s contributions to The Cooking Lab were invaluable. We were incredibly lucky to have her on the team. Now she’s written a comprehensive guide to learning the fundamentals of sauce-making, taking home cooks on a tour of versatile techniques and international flavors.”
Nathan Myhrvold, Founder of The Cooking Lab, Coauthor of Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking and Modernist Cuisine at Home

“ Now we have a book about sauces that’s accessible and informative without being overwhelming. While many of us think of sauces as French, Susan Volland exposes us to sauces from all over the world. She explores the classics and quickly moves on to modern variations designed to please the contemporary palette. In this penetrating volume, the reader will learn sauces ranging from hollandaise to Thai peanut sauce—Mastering Sauces is a must buy, and an essential one, for any serious cook.“
James Peterson, award winning author of several cookbooks, including Sauces: Classical and Contemporary Sauces

Mastering Sauces will not only give you the ability to make exquisite sauces, but will gently guide you through the science, behind the sauce. Don’t miss this chance to become an expert!”
Shirley O. Corriher, Author of CookWise and BakeWise

“Susan Volland clearly explains and updates sauces for today’s kitchen. She provides detailed information about every stage of preparing all types of sauces, giving home cooks the confidence, and knowledge, not only to make sauces, but also create their own. This book is an important addition to every kitchen library, well done.”
Jennifer McGlagan, 2014 James Beard Award winning author of Bitter: A Taste of the World’s Most Dangerous Flavor

“A smart, lucid, and beautifully written manual for making glorious sauces from around the world. It will educate and inspire both learned sauciers and novices alike.”
James Oseland, Editor-in-chief, Rodale’s Organic Life and author of Cradle of Flavor

“In French cuisine, sauce is one of the most important elements of a dish. In Mastering Sauces, you will discover an updated and lighter approach to sauces. It will also give you the opportunity to discover the sauces of every cuisine in the world.”
Daniel Boulud, Chef/Owner, The Dinex Group

“From the chef’s perspective, a dish isn’t finished until you sauce it. The recipes in this book – focused and sensuous – are right in tune with the way we eat today. So don’t cover up that pristine fillet of wild salmon or those fresh, fat spears of local asparagus you so carefully sourced with a ton-deaf sauce. Try a recipe from this book and elevate your home cooking from ordinary to extraordinary.”
Tom Douglas, James Beard Award-winning chef, Dahlia Lounge, Seattle and author of Tom Douglas’ Seattle Kitchen

“Susan Volland combines science, hedonism, and common sense in this groundbreaking book. So much more than a cookbook, Mastering Sauces is a treatise on flavor, taste, and texture for the twenty-first century.”
Molly Stevens, James Beard Award-winning author of All About Roasting and All About Braising

“This is an excellent culinary reference with a thoroughness that recalls titles such as Shirley Corriher’s Cookwise and Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg’s The Flavor Bible. Highly recommended, along with Marth Holmberg’s Modern Sauces.”
Library Journal, July 2015