About Susan

I’m a food professional. That’s the grown-up way of saying I play with food for a living.  I currently freelance as a chef, writer, project manager, and specialist in food and recipe communications. I received some excellent press for my cookbooks Mastering Sauces and Searing Inspiration, but I prefer to work behind the scenes. (Which explains the terribly outdated headshots)

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside world class chefs, writers, scientists, and innovators. Some highlights include a great gig in Shanghai working with the SideChef team, helping The Spoon organize the international Smart Kitchen Summit, writing some goofy copy for popular websites, and testing a few hundred recipes for the Modernist Cuisine crew. Lately, I’ve been creating menus for the jet-set, working with Breville/Joule, and copyediting non-food related projects that kind of blow my mind.

As a native Seattleite I’m happiest near a shoreline with a heap of fresh shellfish, a pint of local IPA, and a crowd of friends and family.