The Definitive Cookbook on Contemporary Sauces.

Mastering Sauces by Susan Volland“This book should be added to the list of necessary equipment for making sauces, right after the whisk and double boiler.”  Publishers Weekly

A Best Cookbook of the Year – Washington Post, Chicago Sun Times, Seattle Times

“A fantastic resource for the home cook and an extensive collection of recipes for adding exciting flavors to any dish” – Eric Ripert

Finally, a cookbook on sauces that is fresh, vibrant and alive. in a conversational and very readable style, Mastering Sauces teaches the “whys” and “hows” of sauce-making so cooks can better understand their ingredients to create the dish they want.

The information and recipes veer away from traditional lesson plans and presents sauce-making in a whole new way. It focuses on how great cooks all over the world make sauces with impromptu élan—they splash and drizzle, slather and douse.