How Brown is “Browned”?

By January 24, 2019 Obsessions No Comments

A common mistake when searing foods is not browning them enough. “Golden” is an acceptable shade for delicate foods like sole fillets, but sturdier ingredients should be much darker. The browning process adds an important flavor layer both to the food and the accompaning pan sauce. If the color samples I’ve included here seem alarming, remember that they will lighten as the soluble elements on the surface melt into the sauce. Chicken that is seared to the color of light toast can end up looking almost boiled on the serving plate, especially when simmered in a lightly colored, buttery pan sauce. Sear that chicken to a proper brown and the entire dish will be more visually inviting, aromatic, and flavorful.

Tamarind-Glazed Chicken heaped with Fresh Mint and Cilantro
Rockfish Fillets with Chinese Sausage and Scallion Oil