About the Author

I’m a freelance writer, instructor, and project manager specializing food, recipes, and ideas. I have no memory of not cooking. I subscribed to Bon Appetit magazine in elementary school, made my first dim sum feast at 14, and started working in the industry at 16. I had grand plans to study oceanography, art history, or law, but my wanderlust overpowered my enthusiasm for academia. I went to culinary school in London when I realized that “French trained” chefs could find work anywhere in the world. I came back after graduation because it’s hard to improve on Seattle as a hometown.

After doing my time in catering kitchens, bakeries, and restaurant lines, I decided to focus on food communication. I like to say that I make people hungry for a living. My job is to transform ideas into inspiring text, recipes, products, and images. For over 20 years, I wrote for magazines, developed original recipes for corporations and national produce associations, ran behind-the-scenes food production for television shows, wrote witty advertising copy, scrabbled out two silly novels, worked alongside world-class scientists and food innovators, and taught at a couple of college culinary programs as adjunct professor. While recovering from the exhilarating but emotionally exhausting Modernist Cuisine projects, I played around with a cookbook idea on contemporary sauce making. Two years later my “little” cookbook, originally called Slather & Douse, had morphed into nearly 500 pages and was released as Mastering Sauces: The Home Cook’s Guide to New Techniques for Fresh Flavors. The accolades and kind words from readers inspired me to create Searing Inspiration: Fast, Adaptable Entrees and Fresh Pan Sauces.

Searing Inspiration is a wheel-screeching U-Turn from my years working on those science-heavy, super specific books where I had to measure weird stuff in fractions of a gram and test surface temperatures by radar. I’m returning to my roots and having fun making dinner creatively, with ingredients that are compelling, seasonal, or within easy reach. I’m also re-directing my career focus into project management and doing administrative work at FareStart, a fantastic non-profit program in Seattle. I love it.

For the record, I’m lousy at updating my blog. I will do my best to share some of my flash-in-the-pan meals and post on social media. Please visit my Mastering Sauces Facebook page and look for me as well as the hashtags #searinginspiration and #masteringsauces on Twitter and Instagram. I am truly interested in what YOU are cooking and how you find the energy and inspiration to fire up a skillet, pour yourself a glass of wine, and turn a long-damn-day into a lovely evening.